Cult Paper's modern minimalist gifts and greeting cards combine pop culture and humor with simple, fresh aesthetics.  Everything is designed and printed in-house in Phoenix, Arizona.  Inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, the American Southwest and hip hop; fueled by lots and lots of sweet black ink.

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Cult Paper just bought a home in Scottsdale, AZ. The floors are wood, the light is magic and there are plenty of nooks for books. The new work is inspired as always by ease and simplicity; but as of late I am also drawn to explore holographic colors and adventurous edits.

Thanks for taking a look around! I hope you see something that excites you.

Ashley Rodgers, Owner/Designer


people are SAYING

Cult Paper...make[s] posters and cards that read like Twitter and look like Tumblr.
— Jason Donahoe, Senior Content Editor, Urban Outfitters
We are in love with the minimalist chic and minimalist cheek of Cult Paper.
— Chandra Greer, Greer Chicago